Faculty Development

Academic Affairs dedicates funds each year to support faculty development. Academic Affairs allocates funds proportionally to each academic unit based on the number of faculty and the total faculty development fund allotment. Recent total allotments range from $35,000 to $40,000 depending on the budget.

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) reviews requests for these Professional Development funds. To maximize funding for the greatest number of faculty, academic units are expected to contribute at least 25 percent of the amount requested from the Faculty Development Committee. For example, if the request to the FDC is $800, the unit should contribute another $200. Deans reserve Professional Development money to support faculty development requests.

Application Submission

To be considered for funding, faculty development requests must be printed and received by the Office of Academic Affairs no later than the 15th of the month, at least 30 days prior to professional development activity.

No retroactive requests are considered.

Confirmation of Presentation for Application

The FDC's primary purpose is to provide financial support to faculty who represent the institution as conference presenters and organizational officers. Applications for attending a conference are only considered in May if funds remain.

For conference presentations, please submit documentation of your proposal acceptance with your request. This documentation can be as simple as an email from a conference official congratulating you on the acceptance of your paper or poster.

If you are a member of the board or executive council of a conference or association and are requesting funds for your administrative duties, please submit the following:

  • Explanation of your activities or responsibilities to justify your need for attendance at University expense.
  • Formal verification (e.g., webpage printout listing officers, letter/e-mail communication) from the organization documenting the office/position that you hold relevant to the conference/meeting.

Funding Notification

The Faculty Development Committee meets monthly to review requests. Faculty are notified by email, from the Office of Academic Affairs, of the committee's decision.

After the February meeting, any unused funds allocated to an academic unit revert to a general pool for awarding to faculty from any academic unit. If all funds are not depleted by the April meeting, requests may be submitted for development activities during the month of May. Allocations cannot cross fiscal years and May travel allocations not claimed for reimbursement prior to the university's June budget deadline will be deducted from a unit's next fiscal year allocation. The Committee may approve applications for activities occurring in July and August based on availability of faculty development funds in the next fiscal year.

Co-Presenters and Co-Authors

Only one award is given per presentation. When there are co-presenters, the equivalent of one award may be given to one of the presenters or may be split between co-presenters. If the presentation involves co-authors, and more than one author is attending a conference, faculty will need to justify why more than one author is requesting attendance at University expense and rank the authors in order of importance. Multiple presentations for the same conference where authors trade lead authorship roles will be considered as co-authors and will need to split a funding award or justify why more than one author is attending.

Funding Limits

The committee considers the following per trip maximum funding guidelines for in-state, out-of-state, and virtual activities:

Type In-State Out-of-State Virtual
Participating in a conference or workshop1 $600.00 USD N/A $800.00 USD

1"Participating" is defined as presenting a paper or poster session, performing, serving on a panel, teaching a class, seminar or workshop, or fulfilling administrative duties as a member of a board or executive council of a conference or association.

Travel Expenses

Faculty are expected to incur the initial expenses associated with the faculty development activity and are then reimbursed according to state regulations once the activity is completed.

Faculty Development Travel Training

Differences exist between the preparation of standard travel claims and Faculty Development Travel Claims, including that Faculty Development claims are submitted in hardcopy. The standard travel training focuses primarily on managing travel and claims electronically through Concur. Therefore, the person preparing the travel claim must complete Faculty Development Travel Training before submitting the claim. Group training sessions are offered on each campus monthly, often in conjunction with standard travel training. Individual trainings are offered by appointment. Please contact Academic Affairs at 918-444-2060 for more information.


Faculty must submit the Travel Reimbursement Claim no later than 30 days following the end of the trip, or the allocated money will be returned to the faculty development fund. Faculty Development travel claims are to be submitted in hardcopy, due to differences between them and standard travel claims. Unsigned, incomplete, or incorrect claims will be returned and will delay processing of reimbursements. All state travel claim regulations also apply to Faculty Development claims.

Activity Summary

Faculty must submit a short (one page or less) summary of the activity and its value to the individual's professional development as part of the Travel Reimbursement Claim. The summary may be in memo form, addressed to the FDC, and must include the faculty member's name, the conference title, and dates. If the activity summary is not included, the claim will be returned to the preparer, thus slowing claim processing. Do not send the summary memo separately.

Non-Use of Funds

It is extremely important that faculty who receive faculty development awards notify the Office of Academic Affairs if they are unable to expend the monies. Early notification allows the money to be redistributed to another faculty member. Written notice of the non-use of encumbered funds must be received no later than March 1 of the current fiscal year.

Please complete the following NSU forms to submit with your application. To ensure timely processing of your request by the Faculty Development Committee, please be accurate and thorough.

To be considered for funding, faculty development applications must be printed and received by the Office of Academic Affairs, no later than the 15th of the month, and at least 30 days prior to professional development activity.

NOTE: Incomplete forms or missing documentation will result in the application being returned to you and cause unnecessary delays in the process.

No retroactive requests are considered.

Before Travel: Apply for Faculty Development Funds

With out of state travel being banned for the foreseeable future, there are new restrictions for Faculty Development.

Faculty are only able to apply for travel funds for conferences within Oklahoma, no out of state travel applications will be reviewed at this time.

Faculty are also able to apply for funds to pay the registration costs of virtual conferences or meetings that they are presenting at or serving in an official capacity.

Faculty who are applying for state travel funds may apply for up to $600. Faculty applying for online registration funds may apply for up to $800. Academic units are expected to contribute at least 25 percent of the amount requested from the Faculty Development Committee.

Faculty Development Application

While out of state travel is banned, the following link is the only documentation needed to apply for registrations costs:

*Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for the in-state travel application checklist.

After Travel: Submit the Travel Reimbursement Claim

Post conference, the follow documentation will need to be turned in to receive reimbursement.

  • Copy of request for Faculty Development Funds
  • Confirmation of presentation
  • Registration Cost
  • Receipts
  • Expense Report (if applicable)
  • Activity Summary for the Committee

Any questions regarding the travel ban or the Faculty Development process may be directed to Alyssa Simmons.

Faculty Development Committee Members

Dr. Dan Savage, Chair (2022) COLA, Political Science

Dr. Spencer Johnson, (2021) College of Optometry

Dr. Jason Proctor, (2022) COE, Teacher Education

Dr. Nicole Stout, (2022) College of Optometry

Dr. Martha Parrott, (2022) GWCSHP, Mathematics & Computer Science

Dr. Sapna Das Bradoo (2021) GWCSHP, Chemistry (BA)

Dr. Nayyer Naseem, (2021) CBT, Business Administration

Dr. Mary Waters-Bilbo, (2021) COE, Psychology

Dr. Anne Watson, (2021) COLA, Music Performance

Dr. Pamela Louderback, Faculty Council Representative

Ms. SophiaBeverly Threatt, (2021) John Vaughan Library

Mr. Jerol Skinner, Director, Center for Teaching & Learning, ex officio


The Faculty Development Committee is comprised of at least one faculty member from each academic college and the library serving two-year staggered terms, plus a member of the NSU Faculty Council. The Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning is an ex officio member. The Chair is appointed by the Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs for a two-year term.


This committee is responsible for sponsoring and funding faculty development activities conducted at Northeastern State University. The committee reports to the Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs.


The Faculty Development Committee meetings are held monthly, during the first week of the month. Minutes should be sent to the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.